Coffee is a great beverage for humans for its components that get people going every morning. Drinking coffee enables people to sustain their workouts, increase their brain activity, burn the calories in their bodies, improve their digestive system, improve their muscular strength, and prevent cellular damage in their bodies. Due to its beneficial properties to people’s health, coffee is a daily drink for most people. If you like your coffee cold, you might want to try القهوة الباردة .

Most people have pets and they spend every single time with them. Cats are exceptionally adorable and they are always larking around their owners wanting to eat everything they see them eating. For example when you are drinking coffee, your cat will want to drink it too. You may be tempted to give your cat the coffee but you should know that coffee has great benefits for you but not necessarily your cat. Occasional sips may not be entirely harmful to your cat but in large quantities, the caffeine found in coffee can be fatal to your cat. A lethal amount of coffee ingested by your cat will cause these side effects.

  •  Elevated blood pressure
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Restlessness
  • High body temperature
  • Tremors
  • Seizure
  • Vomiting
  • Coma
  • Death

Majority of cats are lactose intolerant despite the stereotype that cats love a saucer of milk, so if you add milk or daily creamers in your coffee and your cat drinks it; he could experience an upset stomach. If your cat shows any of these symptoms, you should make a quick appointment to your vet. The longer you take to seek medical attention for your cat, the less his chances are for survival. The vet will give your cat liquid charcoal or feline IV fluids to flush his system if your cat ingested caffeine recently.

It is worth keeping an eye on your cat and being careful with where you leave your cups of coffee. Avoid leaving them lying around because your cat is likely to stumble upon them and end up drinking coffee. Whenever your cat ingests large amounts of coffee, it is advisable for you to induce vomiting and seek medical attention. Every time your cat falls ill or displays the symptoms mentioned above, it is difficult for anyone to assume that it is due to coffee poisoning. Without the knowledge that coffee is harmful to cats, someone will automatically rule out coffee as the reason for their cat’s discomfort.

Restlessness and vomiting could occur due to so many other different reasons hence before assuming that your cat has ingested coffee, you should have the vet run some tests to determine that for sure. Human beings have a higher tolerance to manifestation of toxins in their bodies but due to the lower body mass that cats have, they are hit by the effects of toxins in their body at a very fast rate hence the need for you to take action with immediate effect. Regardless of your cat’s breed and age, large amounts of caffeine are likely to cause severe damage to his heart and nervous system.

Your cat requires to stay hydrated by drinking water. There are a lot of beverages that human beings rely on like soda, tea, coffee but not everything you rely on to quench your thirst should be passed on to your cat. Cats do not have the ability to digest these substances the way human beings can. Furthermore, coffee in particular does not have the same benefits for cats as it does for humans. Coffee in all its forms, be it as a beauty product, medicinal product, ingredient for culinary recipes or as just a beverage is nowadays found in most houses across the globe hence the need to beware of its toxicity on cats.

There is a chance your cat will not like the smell of coffee in any form but the challenge arises when your cat loves milk. When your cat sees you adding milk to your coffee, it will be tempted to drink it if you ever leave your cup behind or spill some coffee on the floor. It is therefore advisable that you place your cup of milk and coffee away from your cat to prevent him from experiencing the harmful effects of coffee.

One of the crucial responsibilities as a cat owner is to provide your cat with the essential nutrients required for its maintenance and growth. A cat’s diet needs to achieve the right balance of the five major groups of nutrients: protein, fats and oil, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. A cat needs to obtain 41 different specific nutrients from cat food, and it is to be kept in mind that a pet requires nutrients not ingredients.

Cats are obligate carnivores which mean that they need meat in their diet. They require higher levels of protein which can be obtained from chicken, beef, fish, and eggs. Protein is responsible for healthy muscles, hair, and skin. It is also an integral part of the immune system and ensures transportation of oxygen. Insufficient protein in cats can lead to poor growth and coat condition, loss of muscle bulk and increased risk of infection through impaired immunity.


What ingredients should be contained in good cat’s diet?


Fat acts as fuel to a cat as it helps them stay active providing twice as much of energy as protein. Crucial fatty acids which are Omega 6 and Omega 3 are required for a healthy coat and skin as they protect internal organs.



All Vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, and K) are essential for cats. Vitamin A, E, D and K are called as fat soluble vitamins and are stored in cat’s fatty tissue, whereas, Vitamin B complex and C are called as water soluble vitamins and are excreted in the urine.

Vitamins are required in a small amount in the diet that helps and maintain growth, healthy coat and skin and also normal vision. It is also required for healing of wounds and for enabling the normal functions of the cat’s nervous system.



Minerals like phosphorous and calcium are crucial for healthy and strong bones and teeth. They are mainly important for kittens. Other vital minerals for normal body functions are magnesium, zinc, sodium, potassium, chloride, iron and copper.



Carbohydrates are not a significant component of the cat’s diet; it is, however, a source of immediate energy. Another indispensable nutrient for a cat is Taurine. It is an essential amino acid that is only found in meat protein and is mandatory for a healthy heart and good vision.



Water is an equally crucial ingredient in a cat’s diet. Amount of water that a cat requires may depends on many factors such as exercise levels, environmental temperature and if they are eating dried or wet food. A loss of only 15 per cent of their water can lead to death, and insufficient water intake can also contribute to bladder problems and cystitis. So it is necessary to provide a fresh and sufficient amount of water to cats.


There is three type of food available in the markets for the cats:


Dry food –It is cooked under high heat and pressure; fat is later sprayed on it to make it palatable. Some heat-sensitive vitamins and minor ingredients are added after the high heat process of cooking.

Wet food – Canned foods or wet foods are higher in protein and fat, and low in carbohydrate substances, than dry foods. It has more moisture than dry food. Hence, increasing the cat’s overall water intake, keeping the bladder and kidneys healthy. The high amount of fat contributes to healthy skin and coat.

Vegetarian or Vegan food – Although cats are carnivores, still one can feed them with a vegetarian diet fortified with nutrients like Taurine and Arachidonic acid.


Care needs to be taken while feeding a cat. Good-quality cat food is carefully formulated to supply the accurate balance of all the nutrients a cat requires to thrive. Adding human food to a nutritionally balanced and complete commercial cat food may upset that balance.


When looking for a healthy cat food make sure the first and main ingredient is a quality source of protein. In addition look for whole foods and grains like brown rice, peas or carrots, and quality fats like flax oil, chicken fat or even olive oil. It’s best to avoid cat foods containing artificial preservatives and colors. Many cats are sensitive to these ingredients as well.

Do you know that your cat’s tail is tremendously communicative? You’ll love how mobile it is. You have seen different types of tail movement, but do you know what they mean? Sometimes, cats can raise their tails up and down, move slowly or quickly, sweep from side to side, trash and twitch, curl around us, among other things. So what do all of these movements mean? Let’s see them so that we can understand them a bit better;

Tail raised back at an angle: when you see your pet doing this, know that it is a non-threatening gesture. Your pet is unsure about something. The cat usually does this while it is sniffing his new friends that have come to visit him.

Hook in the base of tail: it is also called inverted U or horseshoe tail. Every moment you see this, it means that the cat is trying to show a defensive aggression. The tail will be bristled, too. She may also arch the back and crab walk a bit. She may do this especially when she is feeling feisty about something and it looks interesting.

Tail raised up, hooked at the tip: When the pet does this, the tail looks like a question mark. So this means that he is unsure of something. But the pet is friendly.

Tail straight up: if your pet does this, then it means that it is feeling friendly. The mother cat usually holds their tails upright especially when she wants her little one to follow her. This helps the kitten see their mother. Something interesting is that the kittens can also raise theirs up when they run to greet their pet parents, too.

 Thrashing tail: have you seen your pet doing this? Have you ever wondered what it means? It means a number of things. This may mean several things which include;

 Anger if his tail is thumping loudly on the floor

 Ecstasy is she is enjoying a grooming session

 Aggression or high excitement is his tail is thrashed violently

 An invitation to another pet to play

 Intense interest especially is she is focusing on something, for instance, like a bird outside

Tail straight up, quivering: this is a very good sign. When your pet does this, then you should never worry because it is very happy to see you. It means a very friendly greeting. When your pet sees you coming out of your bedroom in the morning, then this is what you expect him to do.

Tail held low and straight: he is likely feeling aggressive. When you see this behavior and you want to know what it means, then you should read your pet’s other body language. You can also watch his tail and see what it develops into.

Tail held between the legs: your pet is trying to show that he is upset. It also means that he wants to be left alone. The cat looks smaller and also less threatening.

Tail-twine: This can be your favorite movement. This is cat’s friendly way of indicating that we are theirs. They can twine their tails on other objects or us. It can also mean that they want us to give them food or attention.

Twitching tail tip: The cat is busy watching something which interests him. Or the cat may be alert. He can also do this when he is playing and approach his prey.

Bristled tail: have you seen your pet’s tail puffed up like a bottle brush? It means that your pet is feeling threatened. The pet will become defensively aggressive. He can do this when he is scared, if you startle him, or if another person or cat angers him. When he bristle his hair on his back, then it means that he wants to make himself look bigger. In this case, he wants to make his aggressor leave him alone.

 Tail raised up, swishing: this means a powerful emotion. Every moment you notice something like this, and then it indicates a derisive attitude. At this point, the pet wants to be left alone or it is upset. It normally does this while walking past the caretaker in acknowledgment.

Tail held horizontally behind the cat: It is a neutral position and it can convey some few feelings. At this point, your pet is alert, confident and even relaxed or amicable. But this will depend on the situation as well as the rest of the pet’s body language.

If you own cats and you want to understand them more, then these movements of tails will let you know what your pet want. It is very interesting to understand what our pets want especially that they can’t talk. Go through them and get to understand your cat more.


One regular question on online forums is; when was the first cat cafe? Taiwan is the origin of cat cafes, with one opening in 1998 in Taipei. This cat cafe went on to become popular with local visitors and Japanese tourists, who enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the cats. One of the visiting Japanese tourists took the cat cafe idea back to Japan, leading to the first cat cafe opening in Osaka, Japan in 2004. Since then, they have become popular in Japan, with the capital Tokyo being home to at least 39 cat cafes and Japan as a whole having over 150 cat cafes.

Bear in mind that most apartments in Japan forbid the ownership of pets, which has led to the popularity of this cafes. Around the world, cat cafes have spread, which means that you can now find them in Spain, South Korea, Germany, France, Austria and the United Kingdom. In North America, the first cat cafe was opened in 2014 in Montreal, the next one in Oakland and then in New York.

Bear in mind that in the United States, the cat cafe and the Coffee Bar are separated by a wall. The reason is that the compliance with the United States food service regulations has been a challenge. The Japanese have a reputation as a clean society, which means that in Japan, cat cafes can serve food and drinks in the same area that cats live, which is not the case in the United States. This post looks at the benefits of these cat cafes to cats and humans in detail.


  Benefits to Cats

One common question is whether cats residing in cat cafes are being exploited. The answer is that they are not. The reason is that a cat cafe is a type of a public foster home for adoptable cats with personalities that enable them to benefit. Below we look at benefits of cat cafes to cats.

  • Cat cafes save the lives of thousands of cats by giving them a home for fostering. Cat cafes free up space in the Rescue House’s fosters, which enables them to take in more cats and to save their lives.


  • Cat cafes offer particular attention to cats, which means that cats with trust issues get the extra attention that they need. Bear in mind that the environment at the cat cafe gives our felines the chance to feel at home and interact with people.


  • Potential adopters get the opportunity to learn more about the personality of these cats. Volunteers and staff also learn more about these furry felines, enabling them to match them with the perfect adopter.


  • Cat cafes aim to make money. The good thing is that they do it ethically. Remember that angry and unhappy cats won’t attract customers, which means that cat cafes work hard to ensure that their cats are healthy and happy. The cats have areas to retreat if they no longer want to interact with customers and the cat cafe monitors the playpen to make sure the human interactions with the animals are appropriate.



Benefits to Humans


  Interact With the Cats

By visiting a cat cafe, you will get to enjoy your coffee and snacks, and then get the opportunity to interact with the cats. The result is that you’ll experience happiness as you play and interact with the cats. The decreased availability of apartments that allow pets, higher rents and increased stress from jobs make cat cafes the perfect spot to interact with these animals.


  Therapeutic Benefits

Spending time with cats offers you several therapeutic benefits, for example, reducing anxiety and stress. It helps you to recover from losses, lowers blood pressure and provides you with a different type of companionship. Spending time with cats also increases the levels of serotonin hormone (the happiness neurotransmitter) and oxytocin (the “love” hormone).


Social Environment

Spending time in a cat cafe is similar to visiting and spending time in a spa. The reason is that it’s a social environment where you get to meet couples, cats, friends and strangers, giving you the opportunity to interact with and provide care to the cats and each other.


Spending time with cats in a cat cafe has many benefits to you and the cats as the above informative post shows. Remember that it improves the quality of life of these rescued cats, which previously may have been living in cages. As a human being, it provides you with a chance to reduce stress levels in addition to interacting with friends as you enjoy your food and beverages.

Cats are marvelous! Not only are they loving, easy companions, and adorable, the can also bring immense happiness and health to their owners. If you are looking to add some cuddly love into your life, you are better off adopting a cat or two. Within no time you will probably be wondering how you survived without all that cuteness in your life. Cats can instantly become your best friend where you can rest easy knowing you have a companion for life who will always be there for you and will never judge you. Other reasons on why adopt a cat include:

You Will Be Rescuing Yourself
Most people think that when they get their furry little friends from the cat cafe that they are saving the pets. What they do not know is that studies reveal that having pets can improve health. There are close links that suggest having a cat, or any other pet can help to reduce hypertension and the risk of heart disease. Additionally, the mere act of stroking your new pet for a while can release happy hormones (endorphins) in the brain.

Cats Are Low Maintenance
You do not have to worry about investing a lot of money to keep your cat happy. They eat most of what humans eat, which means that you do not have to worry about a new budget for food. They also love to clean themselves; thus, you will not have to spend a lot of time in the bath. You will also appreciate the fact that they entertain themselves. With a few toys, boxes, cartons, or even windows they can keep themselves busy and not get in your way when you need some space. Although you can opt to walk your cat, it is not necessary. Sleeping almost fifteen hours a day, cats are the perfect example of couch potatoes, and you can laze around with them all day watching TV without feeling guilty.

They are Skilled Hunters
Cats have strong relations with the king of the jungle which implies that their hunting skills are inborn. With a keen hunter in your house, mice, giant beetles, lizards and other pesky critters will be a thing of the past. They can also help to bring down or eliminate the population of moths, dust bunnies, and the red laser pointers.

You will not have to House Break them
In most cases, especially if you adopt your pet from a cat café, you will not have to burden yourself with housebreaking them. They will come into your life with the necessary potty skills. Setting up a litter box and giving minimal instructions is all you need as they will figure out how to utilize it naturally. With at cat at home, you will never have to stress about getting home late and having to go out in the darkness and cold.

You Will Be Saving More Lives
Taking your pet home from a cat café means that you will be making the world a better place especially for animals. Once your cat has found a lovely home, the café can rescue another animal. It also implies that you will have played your role in society to stop animal cruelty.

Cats Require Little Supervision
Anyone who has interacted with different breeds of cats knows that they are highly independent pets that need minimal supervision. Cats adore themselves and know how to look after themselves. It is one of the reasons they are ideal pets for busy people, people who live in apartments and city dwellers. They do not require a lot of living space, and they can sleep almost anywhere from the foot of your bed to the couch; thus, you do not have to invest in sleeping quarters. Worth noting is that you can travel with them with ease. There are cat carriers that you can easily carry in your car or your hand when you want your cat to tag along.
When you have second thoughts on whether you would get along with a cat in your house, but are considering adopting one, there is no need for pressure. You can just visit a cat café and get to interact with them finding out the various breeds available as you sip on coffee or read a book. This way you can take one home without any doubts in your head, and you can have an excellent caring for each other.


Thinking of adopting a cat but don’t know how well you can hold the responsibility? Try fostering. This involves taking a kitten or a cat home, feeding it and providing for the cat’s basic needs, including love, play and attention for a set time period or when it’s adopted.


Visiting a cat cafe holds the same premise but for a shorter duration. Check out these 5 reasons why you should foster a cat before going on full adoption mode:


  1. Fostering is the Best Practice Run


Owning a cat is a huge responsibility in itself. Aside from adding to your everyday finances, you’ll also need to spend some time and make an effort in caring for a live pet. If you’re on the fence between adopting a cat and resisting its cute charms, then fostering is the next best thing to a trial run.


  1. You’re Saving A Cat’s Life


Even if you’re not considering adoption, if your home environment is conducive and you want to make a change, consider fostering a cat and committing for a specific time period.


Local shelters in your area may rely on a dedicated network of people for voluntary foster homes. The only problem is that there are many cats that are left without any home at all. Kittens most of all need special care and attention while growing up in order to survive. When you foster, you take one less cat out of the rescue and increase the chances of that cat growing up in a sheltered, loving home in the future.


  1. You Can Benefit From It


Research shows that having a pet can bring about life-saving benefits as compared to living without one. For one, your level of daily stress is reduced if you take in a cat to your home. Playing with a cat or a kitten is one of the most pleasurable things in life. Their cute faces, funny expressions and their cuddliness makes one forget about the stresses of life, even for just a moment. Plus, the funny and cute things they do will melt your heart and make you smile. Having a pet around the house staves off mood swings and depression.


  1. Eases You Into A Long-Term Commitment


20 years is a long commitment, and it’s only right that you should pause and think of what could happen along the way. If you’re in the midst of changing jobs, relocating to another place or buying a new house, it may be better to foster a cat while still enjoying the benefits it can bring. If you still think that you’re able to adopt your very own cat after a few months, then you can safely say that you’re fully capable and ready for it.


  1. Fostering Makes You A Better Person


Looking after a cat brings in life lessons that you can take everywhere with you. Being tasked with handling another life will shift the focus from you to another living entity. You’ll learn how to be more responsible and understand your cat. You will grow as a person and learn to love and compromise. You’ll become more mature and become more careful in your everyday actions and decisions.

Cat cafes began in China, as this country’s living facilities often don’t allow people to have pets. Although this type of café is very common to see in Asia, it is not common to see in other countries, hence it being the perfect business opportunity for you to invest in. In a cat café, owners charge an hourly rate for clients to play with cats. Clients can also opt to purchase lattes, pastries, and even treats for the felines. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a lot of money to start a cat café. It might even not cost you anything if you have a group of investors who believe in your idea. The following are the top steps you should take into account if you want to run an effective cat café in your area.

Steps to Set-up a Successful Cat Café

Local Regulations & Restrictions

Every state has different health regulations, and thus, you have to be well-informed about them before you proceed to invest in this type of business. There might be a requirement that the dining area and cat access area are separate, which will prompt you to undergo the needed adjustments.

Analyze Your Area

Where in your area would a cat café be a total hit? If you stop and think about it, a mall would be a good option, as you will obtain free promotion on a daily basis. People will be more prone to entering your business if it is in a commercial area. Rents at malls are not on the expensive side. You just have to do your homework in order to obtain the best deal possible.

Business Plan

In order to launch a business, you have to create a business plan so that you stay on track. Think of a business name and then submit the required legal documents to obtain business license. You will also need a bank account under your business name.

Determine Prices

Remember that if there are other cat cafes in your area, in order to stand out from the competition, you have to make sure to beat it. The only way to do so is by providing what they provide at a more affordable price. If you want to charge more than them, then you should opt to provide more high quality edibles and a more comfortable environment.


It’s crucial that your cat café is able to garner the attention of the public. This can occur in meaningful measure if you pay attention to aesthetics. Inform yourself on the colors psychologists have stated that are able to transmit peacefulness and joy at the same time. If you stop and think about it, these are the two feelings you want your clients to feel every time they enter your business space. Choose a logo that is creative and an attention-grabber. Don’t be afraid to ask others for their opinions. The more input you have, the better of a business your cat café will turn out to be.

Create Partnership with Cat Rescue Organization in Your Area

Most cat cafes tend to have between 10 to 15 cats. Instead of buying cats, go ahead and create a partnership with your local cat rescue organization. You should notify your clientele that the cats in your café are up for adoption.

Importance of Having a Website and Being Present on Social Media

It’s crucial that your business has a website and a page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Nowadays, people check online to see what cafes are in their area. If you have a website, one that has photos and informs the 411 about your cat café, your clientele will grow. Make sure that you have a page on your site that has coupons. If you constantly update your site with new information and special offers, you will keep people interesting, which should be one of your main goals. If you can, create a newsletter, prompt people to sign-up for it while they are on the homepage.


You should calculate how much everything is going to cost. If you are running low on money, you can opt to apply for a loan or even search for investors. When you opt for investors, a lot of them will require a percentage of your business’ profits. Before facing a potential investor, make sure that you are well-informed as to how much you want and what you are willing to give in return.

Go for It!

As you can conclude, starting a cat café is not a daunting task; it just requires passion and dedication. If you finished reading the above information, then you definitely have these two requirements. Put the previously mentioned into practice and go for it!

There is a new kind of café that is gaining in popularity. When a person thinks of a café they think of a place where they can get a cup of coffee and maybe a snack. This café is much different. A cat café is designed to give these furry little critters a place to hang out and the chance to go out with their owners.

Cat Town Café is one of the first cat cafes to open in the United States. This specific café is a coffee shop where the cats can come and hang out. The cats can get food and water here. They can play on cat toys including scratching posts. There are a number of cats that are up for adoptions and can use a forever home.

The idea for a cat café originated in the country of Taiwan. There are so many stray cats in the country that people did not know what to do with them or how to help them. A café decided to take in these cats. The cats were given a home and food. When customers came to get their drink they would get to play with the cats and spend some time with them.

When a customer wants to play with cats they have two dining options. A customer can walk in, get their food and drink, and then interact with the cats in the play area. A person can also make a reservation so they know there will be plenty of cats to play with. These play areas have toys, climbing items for the cats, and some interactive items. A person can play with six to twelve cats at one time.

Cat cafes were designed to give the cats someone safe to stay as well as some hope to find a home. The cats that are residents at these cafes are up for adoption and are waiting for a family to take them home. The cafes get the cats from animal shelters and give them a new and more comfortable home. Many of the cats that are taken in at the cafes are considered to be those that are the least likely to be adopted. This can be due to the way that they look or in some cases even their age. Older cats are less likely to be adopted then kittens. The cafes foster the cats and allow them to live in a fun and loving place. The cats are able to get used to people. If a person falls in love with a cat they can adopted them and the cat can be part of their forever family.

While there are still a small number of cat cafes in the United States, those that are open have been successful so far. They are becoming so popular that many of them are taking reservations. These cafes are being booked in advanced so that people can come in and play with cats. They can get some good food, a nice cup of coffee, and interact with the cats.

Some people may consider a cat café a way to rent a pet for a specific period of time. Some cafes charge a cover to come and play with the cats. They will be able to interact with the cats. Many cafes provide supervision. This will make sure that no one is harming the cats and the cats are learning how to interact with humans. If a person loves cats but they cannot have a cat at their home this is a great way to come and play with them. The cover charge will help cover the cost of feeding the cats, litter, toys, and general upkeep of the café so that is stays clean.

Cat cafes are currently being found in cities all over the United States. With the number of unwanted cats that need homes this is a very good thing. New York City has a number of cat cafes. There are cafes in San Francisco and there are cafes that are looking to open in other cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Seattle. They are currently developing the cafes so they can take in cats that need some love and attention from humans.