Cat cafes began in China, as this country’s living facilities often don’t allow people to have pets. Although this type of café is very common to see in Asia, it is not common to see in other countries, hence it being the perfect business opportunity for you to invest in. In a cat café, owners charge an hourly rate for clients to play with cats. Clients can also opt to purchase lattes, pastries, and even treats for the felines. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a lot of money to start a cat café. It might even not cost you anything if you have a group of investors who believe in your idea. The following are the top steps you should take into account if you want to run an effective cat café in your area.

Steps to Set-up a Successful Cat Café

Local Regulations & Restrictions

Every state has different health regulations, and thus, you have to be well-informed about them before you proceed to invest in this type of business. There might be a requirement that the dining area and cat access area are separate, which will prompt you to undergo the needed adjustments.

Analyze Your Area

Where in your area would a cat café be a total hit? If you stop and think about it, a mall would be a good option, as you will obtain free promotion on a daily basis. People will be more prone to entering your business if it is in a commercial area. Rents at malls are not on the expensive side. You just have to do your homework in order to obtain the best deal possible.

Business Plan

In order to launch a business, you have to create a business plan so that you stay on track. Think of a business name and then submit the required legal documents to obtain business license. You will also need a bank account under your business name.

Determine Prices

Remember that if there are other cat cafes in your area, in order to stand out from the competition, you have to make sure to beat it. The only way to do so is by providing what they provide at a more affordable price. If you want to charge more than them, then you should opt to provide more high quality edibles and a more comfortable environment.


It’s crucial that your cat café is able to garner the attention of the public. This can occur in meaningful measure if you pay attention to aesthetics. Inform yourself on the colors psychologists have stated that are able to transmit peacefulness and joy at the same time. If you stop and think about it, these are the two feelings you want your clients to feel every time they enter your business space. Choose a logo that is creative and an attention-grabber. Don’t be afraid to ask others for their opinions. The more input you have, the better of a business your cat café will turn out to be.

Create Partnership with Cat Rescue Organization in Your Area

Most cat cafes tend to have between 10 to 15 cats. Instead of buying cats, go ahead and create a partnership with your local cat rescue organization. You should notify your clientele that the cats in your café are up for adoption.

Importance of Having a Website and Being Present on Social Media

It’s crucial that your business has a website and a page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Nowadays, people check online to see what cafes are in their area. If you have a website, one that has photos and informs the 411 about your cat café, your clientele will grow. Make sure that you have a page on your site that has coupons. If you constantly update your site with new information and special offers, you will keep people interesting, which should be one of your main goals. If you can, create a newsletter, prompt people to sign-up for it while they are on the homepage.


You should calculate how much everything is going to cost. If you are running low on money, you can opt to apply for a loan or even search for investors. When you opt for investors, a lot of them will require a percentage of your business’ profits. Before facing a potential investor, make sure that you are well-informed as to how much you want and what you are willing to give in return.

Go for It!

As you can conclude, starting a cat café is not a daunting task; it just requires passion and dedication. If you finished reading the above information, then you definitely have these two requirements. Put the previously mentioned into practice and go for it!

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