Coffee is a great beverage for humans for its components that get people going every morning. Drinking coffee enables people to sustain their workouts, increase their brain activity, burn the calories in their bodies, improve their digestive system, improve their muscular strength, and prevent cellular damage in their bodies. Due to its beneficial properties to people’s health, coffee is a daily drink for most people. If you like your coffee cold, you might want to try القهوة الباردة .

Most people have pets and they spend every single time with them. Cats are exceptionally adorable and they are always larking around their owners wanting to eat everything they see them eating. For example when you are drinking coffee, your cat will want to drink it too. You may be tempted to give your cat the coffee but you should know that coffee has great benefits for you but not necessarily your cat. Occasional sips may not be entirely harmful to your cat but in large quantities, the caffeine found in coffee can be fatal to your cat. A lethal amount of coffee ingested by your cat will cause these side effects.

  •  Elevated blood pressure
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Restlessness
  • High body temperature
  • Tremors
  • Seizure
  • Vomiting
  • Coma
  • Death

Majority of cats are lactose intolerant despite the stereotype that cats love a saucer of milk, so if you add milk or daily creamers in your coffee and your cat drinks it; he could experience an upset stomach. If your cat shows any of these symptoms, you should make a quick appointment to your vet. The longer you take to seek medical attention for your cat, the less his chances are for survival. The vet will give your cat liquid charcoal or feline IV fluids to flush his system if your cat ingested caffeine recently.

It is worth keeping an eye on your cat and being careful with where you leave your cups of coffee. Avoid leaving them lying around because your cat is likely to stumble upon them and end up drinking coffee. Whenever your cat ingests large amounts of coffee, it is advisable for you to induce vomiting and seek medical attention. Every time your cat falls ill or displays the symptoms mentioned above, it is difficult for anyone to assume that it is due to coffee poisoning. Without the knowledge that coffee is harmful to cats, someone will automatically rule out coffee as the reason for their cat’s discomfort.

Restlessness and vomiting could occur due to so many other different reasons hence before assuming that your cat has ingested coffee, you should have the vet run some tests to determine that for sure. Human beings have a higher tolerance to manifestation of toxins in their bodies but due to the lower body mass that cats have, they are hit by the effects of toxins in their body at a very fast rate hence the need for you to take action with immediate effect. Regardless of your cat’s breed and age, large amounts of caffeine are likely to cause severe damage to his heart and nervous system.

Your cat requires to stay hydrated by drinking water. There are a lot of beverages that human beings rely on like soda, tea, coffee but not everything you rely on to quench your thirst should be passed on to your cat. Cats do not have the ability to digest these substances the way human beings can. Furthermore, coffee in particular does not have the same benefits for cats as it does for humans. Coffee in all its forms, be it as a beauty product, medicinal product, ingredient for culinary recipes or as just a beverage is nowadays found in most houses across the globe hence the need to beware of its toxicity on cats.

There is a chance your cat will not like the smell of coffee in any form but the challenge arises when your cat loves milk. When your cat sees you adding milk to your coffee, it will be tempted to drink it if you ever leave your cup behind or spill some coffee on the floor. It is therefore advisable that you place your cup of milk and coffee away from your cat to prevent him from experiencing the harmful effects of coffee.

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