One regular question on online forums is; when was the first cat cafe? Taiwan is the origin of cat cafes, with one opening in 1998 in Taipei. This cat cafe went on to become popular with local visitors and Japanese tourists, who enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the cats. One of the visiting Japanese tourists took the cat cafe idea back to Japan, leading to the first cat cafe opening in Osaka, Japan in 2004. Since then, they have become popular in Japan, with the capital Tokyo being home to at least 39 cat cafes and Japan as a whole having over 150 cat cafes.

Bear in mind that most apartments in Japan forbid the ownership of pets, which has led to the popularity of this cafes. Around the world, cat cafes have spread, which means that you can now find them in Spain, South Korea, Germany, France, Austria and the United Kingdom. In North America, the first cat cafe was opened in 2014 in Montreal, the next one in Oakland and then in New York.

Bear in mind that in the United States, the cat cafe and the Coffee Bar are separated by a wall. The reason is that the compliance with the United States food service regulations has been a challenge. The Japanese have a reputation as a clean society, which means that in Japan, cat cafes can serve food and drinks in the same area that cats live, which is not the case in the United States. This post looks at the benefits of these cat cafes to cats and humans in detail.


  Benefits to Cats

One common question is whether cats residing in cat cafes are being exploited. The answer is that they are not. The reason is that a cat cafe is a type of a public foster home for adoptable cats with personalities that enable them to benefit. Below we look at benefits of cat cafes to cats.

  • Cat cafes save the lives of thousands of cats by giving them a home for fostering. Cat cafes free up space in the Rescue House’s fosters, which enables them to take in more cats and to save their lives.


  • Cat cafes offer particular attention to cats, which means that cats with trust issues get the extra attention that they need. Bear in mind that the environment at the cat cafe gives our felines the chance to feel at home and interact with people.


  • Potential adopters get the opportunity to learn more about the personality of these cats. Volunteers and staff also learn more about these furry felines, enabling them to match them with the perfect adopter.


  • Cat cafes aim to make money. The good thing is that they do it ethically. Remember that angry and unhappy cats won’t attract customers, which means that cat cafes work hard to ensure that their cats are healthy and happy. The cats have areas to retreat if they no longer want to interact with customers and the cat cafe monitors the playpen to make sure the human interactions with the animals are appropriate.



Benefits to Humans


  Interact With the Cats

By visiting a cat cafe, you will get to enjoy your coffee and snacks, and then get the opportunity to interact with the cats. The result is that you’ll experience happiness as you play and interact with the cats. The decreased availability of apartments that allow pets, higher rents and increased stress from jobs make cat cafes the perfect spot to interact with these animals.


  Therapeutic Benefits

Spending time with cats offers you several therapeutic benefits, for example, reducing anxiety and stress. It helps you to recover from losses, lowers blood pressure and provides you with a different type of companionship. Spending time with cats also increases the levels of serotonin hormone (the happiness neurotransmitter) and oxytocin (the “love” hormone).


Social Environment

Spending time in a cat cafe is similar to visiting and spending time in a spa. The reason is that it’s a social environment where you get to meet couples, cats, friends and strangers, giving you the opportunity to interact with and provide care to the cats and each other.


Spending time with cats in a cat cafe has many benefits to you and the cats as the above informative post shows. Remember that it improves the quality of life of these rescued cats, which previously may have been living in cages. As a human being, it provides you with a chance to reduce stress levels in addition to interacting with friends as you enjoy your food and beverages.

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