Cats are marvelous! Not only are they loving, easy companions, and adorable, the can also bring immense happiness and health to their owners. If you are looking to add some cuddly love into your life, you are better off adopting a cat or two. Within no time you will probably be wondering how you survived without all that cuteness in your life. Cats can instantly become your best friend where you can rest easy knowing you have a companion for life who will always be there for you and will never judge you. Other reasons on why adopt a cat include:

You Will Be Rescuing Yourself
Most people think that when they get their furry little friends from the cat cafe that they are saving the pets. What they do not know is that studies reveal that having pets can improve health. There are close links that suggest having a cat, or any other pet can help to reduce hypertension and the risk of heart disease. Additionally, the mere act of stroking your new pet for a while can release happy hormones (endorphins) in the brain.

Cats Are Low Maintenance
You do not have to worry about investing a lot of money to keep your cat happy. They eat most of what humans eat, which means that you do not have to worry about a new budget for food. They also love to clean themselves; thus, you will not have to spend a lot of time in the bath. You will also appreciate the fact that they entertain themselves. With a few toys, boxes, cartons, or even windows they can keep themselves busy and not get in your way when you need some space. Although you can opt to walk your cat, it is not necessary. Sleeping almost fifteen hours a day, cats are the perfect example of couch potatoes, and you can laze around with them all day watching TV without feeling guilty.

They are Skilled Hunters
Cats have strong relations with the king of the jungle which implies that their hunting skills are inborn. With a keen hunter in your house, mice, giant beetles, lizards and other pesky critters will be a thing of the past. They can also help to bring down or eliminate the population of moths, dust bunnies, and the red laser pointers.

You will not have to House Break them
In most cases, especially if you adopt your pet from a cat café, you will not have to burden yourself with housebreaking them. They will come into your life with the necessary potty skills. Setting up a litter box and giving minimal instructions is all you need as they will figure out how to utilize it naturally. With at cat at home, you will never have to stress about getting home late and having to go out in the darkness and cold.

You Will Be Saving More Lives
Taking your pet home from a cat café means that you will be making the world a better place especially for animals. Once your cat has found a lovely home, the café can rescue another animal. It also implies that you will have played your role in society to stop animal cruelty.

Cats Require Little Supervision
Anyone who has interacted with different breeds of cats knows that they are highly independent pets that need minimal supervision. Cats adore themselves and know how to look after themselves. It is one of the reasons they are ideal pets for busy people, people who live in apartments and city dwellers. They do not require a lot of living space, and they can sleep almost anywhere from the foot of your bed to the couch; thus, you do not have to invest in sleeping quarters. Worth noting is that you can travel with them with ease. There are cat carriers that you can easily carry in your car or your hand when you want your cat to tag along.
When you have second thoughts on whether you would get along with a cat in your house, but are considering adopting one, there is no need for pressure. You can just visit a cat café and get to interact with them finding out the various breeds available as you sip on coffee or read a book. This way you can take one home without any doubts in your head, and you can have an excellent caring for each other.

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