There is a new kind of café that is gaining in popularity. When a person thinks of a café they think of a place where they can get a cup of coffee and maybe a snack. This café is much different. A cat café is designed to give these furry little critters a place to hang out and the chance to go out with their owners.

Cat Town Café is one of the first cat cafes to open in the United States. This specific café is a coffee shop where the cats can come and hang out. The cats can get food and water here. They can play on cat toys including scratching posts. There are a number of cats that are up for adoptions and can use a forever home.

The idea for a cat café originated in the country of Taiwan. There are so many stray cats in the country that people did not know what to do with them or how to help them. A café decided to take in these cats. The cats were given a home and food. When customers came to get their drink they would get to play with the cats and spend some time with them.

When a customer wants to play with cats they have two dining options. A customer can walk in, get their food and drink, and then interact with the cats in the play area. A person can also make a reservation so they know there will be plenty of cats to play with. These play areas have toys, climbing items for the cats, and some interactive items. A person can play with six to twelve cats at one time.

Cat cafes were designed to give the cats someone safe to stay as well as some hope to find a home. The cats that are residents at these cafes are up for adoption and are waiting for a family to take them home. The cafes get the cats from animal shelters and give them a new and more comfortable home. Many of the cats that are taken in at the cafes are considered to be those that are the least likely to be adopted. This can be due to the way that they look or in some cases even their age. Older cats are less likely to be adopted then kittens. The cafes foster the cats and allow them to live in a fun and loving place. The cats are able to get used to people. If a person falls in love with a cat they can adopted them and the cat can be part of their forever family.

While there are still a small number of cat cafes in the United States, those that are open have been successful so far. They are becoming so popular that many of them are taking reservations. These cafes are being booked in advanced so that people can come in and play with cats. They can get some good food, a nice cup of coffee, and interact with the cats.

Some people may consider a cat café a way to rent a pet for a specific period of time. Some cafes charge a cover to come and play with the cats. They will be able to interact with the cats. Many cafes provide supervision. This will make sure that no one is harming the cats and the cats are learning how to interact with humans. If a person loves cats but they cannot have a cat at their home this is a great way to come and play with them. The cover charge will help cover the cost of feeding the cats, litter, toys, and general upkeep of the café so that is stays clean.

Cat cafes are currently being found in cities all over the United States. With the number of unwanted cats that need homes this is a very good thing. New York City has a number of cat cafes. There are cafes in San Francisco and there are cafes that are looking to open in other cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Seattle. They are currently developing the cafes so they can take in cats that need some love and attention from humans.

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