Thinking of adopting a cat but don’t know how well you can hold the responsibility? Try fostering. This involves taking a kitten or a cat home, feeding it and providing for the cat’s basic needs, including love, play and attention for a set time period or when it’s adopted.


Visiting a cat cafe holds the same premise but for a shorter duration. Check out these 5 reasons why you should foster a cat before going on full adoption mode:


  1. Fostering is the Best Practice Run


Owning a cat is a huge responsibility in itself. Aside from adding to your everyday finances, you’ll also need to spend some time and make an effort in caring for a live pet. If you’re on the fence between adopting a cat and resisting its cute charms, then fostering is the next best thing to a trial run.


  1. You’re Saving A Cat’s Life


Even if you’re not considering adoption, if your home environment is conducive and you want to make a change, consider fostering a cat and committing for a specific time period.


Local shelters in your area may rely on a dedicated network of people for voluntary foster homes. The only problem is that there are many cats that are left without any home at all. Kittens most of all need special care and attention while growing up in order to survive. When you foster, you take one less cat out of the rescue and increase the chances of that cat growing up in a sheltered, loving home in the future.


  1. You Can Benefit From It


Research shows that having a pet can bring about life-saving benefits as compared to living without one. For one, your level of daily stress is reduced if you take in a cat to your home. Playing with a cat or a kitten is one of the most pleasurable things in life. Their cute faces, funny expressions and their cuddliness makes one forget about the stresses of life, even for just a moment. Plus, the funny and cute things they do will melt your heart and make you smile. Having a pet around the house staves off mood swings and depression.


  1. Eases You Into A Long-Term Commitment


20 years is a long commitment, and it’s only right that you should pause and think of what could happen along the way. If you’re in the midst of changing jobs, relocating to another place or buying a new house, it may be better to foster a cat while still enjoying the benefits it can bring. If you still think that you’re able to adopt your very own cat after a few months, then you can safely say that you’re fully capable and ready for it.


  1. Fostering Makes You A Better Person


Looking after a cat brings in life lessons that you can take everywhere with you. Being tasked with handling another life will shift the focus from you to another living entity. You’ll learn how to be more responsible and understand your cat. You will grow as a person and learn to love and compromise. You’ll become more mature and become more careful in your everyday actions and decisions.

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